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Mobile & Apps

Mobile & Apps – The world has gone mobile. In 2014, consumers spent 60% of their time browsing the web from a mobile device and a third of the year’s Black Friday sales came from smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re an e-commerce site or a local business now is the time to take your business mobile.

Every website we create comes with support for mobile browsers built in. So whether your customers are iPhone lovers or attached to their Androids, they’ll get the best experience possible when they visit you online.

All Clever sites are fully responsive. That means your site will adapt to fit the best view for every screen size you can throw at it. From giant 4k displays, to tablets, all the way down to smartphones your customers will always get the experience made to fit their screen.

And did we mention its free? Some companies try to sell you on mobile as a separate service. We believe that a website that doesn’t work on mobile devices isn’t worth having. That’s why we include it in every website we build.

What is a mobile website?

A mobile or responsive website is a website that’s designed to adjust to the screen its being viewed on. For example, the site you’re viewing right now is responsive. If you drag the edge of your browser window to the left or right to make it bigger or smaller you’ll notice that the layout of the site changes with the size of the screen. That’s responsive design in action. There are different ways to build mobile websites but we use a responsive approach because its the best option for most visitors (and for your wallet).

Why does mobile matter

How many times have you been on your phone searching for a store or a new restaurant to try and when you finally end up on the website of the one you want you have to pinch and zoom around your phone’s tiny screen only to find they haven’t listed the information you’re looking for or, worse, they don’t have a website at all? If you’re like most people the next thing you do is continue searching until you find a business that does list the information you’re looking for. It’s not enough to just have a website anymore. It has to be mobile optimized and it has to list the information your customers are looking for.

General analytics from across the web show that the percentage of visitors using smartphones is roughly equal to the number visiting from traditional browsers. Five years ago we were telling our clients that a mobile site was no longer optional. Now we’re telling them that if their site isn’t mobile they might as well shut it down.

Apps for phones and tablets

Every website needs to be mobile but not every mobile site needs to be an app. What’s the difference? Mobile sites are just regular websites scaled down to be used comfortably on a phone or tablet display. Apps on the other hand are completely separate entities that people download from an app store and offer functionality that a website can’t offer.

Clever can create both a mobile site and an app for your organization but most of the time you’ll only need one or the other. Businesses that need apps usually already have a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for. If your organization needs an app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android (most other phones and tablets) or you have an app idea you wanted developed, drop us a line and let’s talk about how we can turn your project into an App Store success.

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